Jury Duty

How did I get selected for jury duty?

Different counties select jurors from different lists, like voter registration or property tax rolls.

Who is eligible for jury duty?

Anyone who is 21 or older, a resident of the county of the court, not a convicted felon, and able to read and write English is eligible to be a juror.

What if I have a scheduling conflict with the date of my jury service?

The law provides several categories that, upon timely application to the court, excuse a summoned juror. (Section 494.430.) Write the reason for your excuse on the summons/questionnaire and return it to the jury office. You may still have to appear in court on the date on your summons in order to explain to the judge the reason for your excuse.

How long will jury duty take?

It will depend on whether you get selected for jury duty and then how long the case takes. In Missouri, most trials are completed in two days.

What should I bring with me to jury duty?

Some counties allow reading material in the waiting areas, some recommend you bring a chair, and others advise you to bring a sweater. You can check and see what your county allows and recommends here. https://www.courts.mo.gov/osca/index.nsf/0/319d743f2be241ca8625697c00513ca8

What if I have to miss work for jury duty?

Under Missouri law, an employer cannot terminate, discipline, threaten, or take adverse action against an employee on account of that employee’s receipt of or response to a jury summons.

How do I find out more information about jury duty?

The Missouri Courts have a great website with frequently asked questions about jury duty. https://www.courts.mo.gov/osca/index.nsf/0/319d743f2be241ca8625697c00513ca8

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